My fourth album 'As a hovering insect mass breaks your fall' is out now on the UK label Make Mine Music. In addition to the CD version, it's also available worldwide via Itunes as a digital download. The CD can be obtained direct from the label's mail-order outlet Norman Records, as well as from all good record shops (distributed by Cargo, plus P*Dis in Japan). Read more about the album and see the artwork at the release page here.

The reviews so far have been really positive: "strikingly covers an impressive amount of ground" Textura "a great record… bounces off in all directions you could think of" Vital Weekly "a brave, unconventional album" Norman Records "prove(s) that Brewster is now just as concerned with creating great songs as much as he is to satisfy his thirst for experimentalism" Leonard's Lair

There will be two launch gigs for this record: the first at The Cube, Bristol on Friday 8th April (with S J Esau, plus special guests), the second at Inkonst, Malmö on Tuesday 3rd May (with Steel Island, plus special guests).

The new album incorporates a wider variety of sounds, ideas and influences than my previous work. It features vocal contributions from among others Nick Talbot of Gravenhurst and Albanian opera singer Egzona Gervalla, as well as vocals from myself on some tracks. You can hear some bits of the album on the 'Audio' page.

The album will be followed by a second single later in 2011, a double A side featuring an edit of 'Wingbeat fission' from the album plus non-album track 'The dagger'. Accompanying videos to these tracks may emerge.

The first single from the album is still available as a free download on Make Mine Music. It can be obtained at Bandcamp and features a cover of 'The Great Dominions' by The Teardrop Explodes, as well as a reworking of 'Crumbling spires' from the album. This new version of the track incorporates a passage from the W.H. Auden poem 'In Memory of W.B Yeats', read by Falko Teichmann. More info about the single at the release page here.

Denied by Character, my duo with Andreas Beraha, will be releasing a debut EP 'Wrecks' on the Reverb Worship label in the next few months. Expect two guitars and effects producing a rich, dense wall of warm distorted tones and digitally-shredded high frequencies.

I'm currently recording a new album of corroded pop music, provisionally entitled 'Tales in brick dust'.

The Centreless EP is currently unavailable, although my collaborative EP with Peter Henning is however still available as a free download release here.