James Brewster / Peter Henning



'Rönnblomsgatan Rudbecksgatan' EP

January 2008


Hwem FREEHWEM003 / Sprachlos SPRACHLOS 001

(click here to see more photographs of packaging for the physical version of the release)

This is the debut EP from James Brewster / Peter Henning. Here the duo focus almost entirely on no input electronics, sculpting the feedback, hiss and hum of their equipment into a variety of different forms. Brewster uses two samplers, endlessly resampling small fragments of sound between the two, while simultaneously reprocessing them and adding effects. Henning mainly employs mixer feedback, moving rapidly from sustained high frequency sine waves to abrasive stabs of bass distortion, with tiny loops spinning off at intervals via two delay pedals.

The EP is primarily available as a free digital download, released by Swedish netlabel Hwem and forming the third installment of their latest series ’Free Hwem’. It can be downloaded via www.hwem.net as MP3s. A physical version of the EP is also available as a 3” CD-R, housed in a custom designed box and released on Sprachlos, a specially formed new sublabel of Peter Henning’s own Namenlos imprint.

The five tracks of this 15 minute release were edited down from over 3 hours of improvisations, and many of these original sessions used other sound sources in addition to the duo’s main instruments of sampler and mixer. These included processed gongs and oil drums, synths and cassette players. But while putting together this EP they realised that their no input work formed the essence of the sound they had developed thus far. As a result they felt that restricting themselves to this material only would give the release more of a coherent feel.

At seven and a half minutes in length, ’444’ is the obvious centrepiece of the EP. While some of the other tracks have been more extensively edited, with this longer piece they deliberately kept the editing to a minimum. The aim here was to illustrate more clearly how their live improvisations naturally develop in real time, showing how each sound gradually evolves and recurs in a fluid performance.

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1. '94'

2. '95'

3. '444'

4. '66'

5. '177'


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